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Increase Speed

Solidify Your Rhythm

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Guitar Webinar!

Hosted by Hayes Griffin


Discover 3 Focus Areas to take your Flatpicking to the next level!

When you know how to master these techniques, you’ll stand out as a front-row player at every jam session!”

The content of this webinar applies to Bluegrass, Celtic, Swing, and other Folk styles.

During This LIVE Webinar,

You’ll Discover...

The secret to POSTURE for acoustic guitar 

Master tension in your body with correct playing POSTURE and you'll bring NEW LIFE to the stuff you already know. 


How to correctly add ALTERNATE PICKING to your playing

Dial in your lead playing with a simple set of right hand exercises to add ALTERNATE PICKING to your practice routine 


Lock in your RHYTHM PLAYING with 3 essential right hand patterns

Whether you're a beginner or advanced player, you will come away with a new way to phrase your bass-strum rhythm guitar playing  


“As a bonus, I’ll teach you the ONE thing that helped me to supercharge my time in the practice room!”

This will simplify your learning process so you know exactly what to practice every time you pick up the guitar!

Flatpicking Guitar Webinar

Event duration: 70 - 90 minutes

Location: Virtual (private Zoom room)

Time: 2:00 pm EDT - New York 

Can't make it? No worries! There will be a video replay available for everyone registered!










Find Out What You Can Do Right Now to Make Immense Progress in Your Guitar Playing!

You may feel stuck, or you don’t always get the results you’ve been looking for when playing your guitar.

Don't worry though - my 3 Flatpicking Focus Areas can jump-start your progress, getting you back on track to being a more confident and dynamic musician.

During this webinar, it would be my pleasure to show you how to:

  • Master TENSION in the body with proper posture.
  • Stand out at a jam session with top-notch technique!
  • Level up your rhythm playing to be the go-to flatpicker in town.

  • Maximize the efficiency of your practice time.

Join me in this live Webinar and learn how to Successfully Reach YOUR Guitar Goals! 


During this Live Webinar...

I will also present the Mandolin Secrets Guitar Club

Mandolin Secrets Guitar Club
is my platform designed to help you make a quick transition into intermediate and advanced guitar playing.

If you join us, then you will also hear all about the valuable BONUSES that I'm offering right now.

What the students are saying about Guitar Club.

David Clarke, West Sussex, U.K.

I joined the Guitar Club a few months after subscribing to the Mandolin Academy as I was very impressed with the content there from Magnus and Hayes.

Coming from classical guitar I’m enjoying learning flatpicking on an acoustic guitar and my only problem is finding enough time to learn all the tunes! A great resource for beginners and intermediate level guitarists.

Mitch Langdon, Ontario, Canada

As a career guitarist of over twenty years, I can truly say that Hayes Griffin is among the highest authority of music teachers on planet earth.

His passion for music is extremely contagious, and his ability to tap into the "beginners' mind" MUST be a result of his natural proclivity for teaching.

With his advice both musical and non-musical, in tandem with his positively encouraging attitude, I have reawakened a flame for creative expression within myself, which will burn until the end.

Your  Instructor:

Hayes Griffin is a multi-instrumentalist and music educator living in Columbus, OH. Hayes holds degrees in music from Denison University (2010) and New England Conservatory of Music (2012), where he studied under the direction of legendary mandolin pedagogue John McGann.

After graduating from NEC, Hayes spent over ten years on the road, touring with Canadian fiddler April Verch, then progressive bluegrass band Newtown, whose album Harlan Road featured Griffin’s guitar work and debuted at #8 on the Billboard Bluegrass Charts.

Since then, Hayes taught hundreds of guitarists and mandolin players at camps and workshops across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Additionally, Hayes made his mark in 2020 as one of the preeminent scholars of swing mandolinist Tiny Moore with the release of his Tiny Moore Tuesday series on YouTube. The same year, Hayes partnered with Magnus Zetterlund to become the second instructor on, where he serves an audience of thousands of musicians, exploring topics ranging from swing mandolin, bluegrass guitar, ear training, and mindfulness practices.

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