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The 3-string chord shapes, 2-5-1 Major and Minor

My chord charts consists of:

  • Major 7ths - 3 variations
  • Minor 7ths - 3 variations
  • Dominant 7ths - 4 variations
  • Minor 7th (b5)s - 3 variations 
  • The chords are arranged in 2-5-1 sequences. 

 This doesn’t look much, but when you’ve learned these chord progressions you’ve come a long way in to playing jazz rhythm on mandolin.


The 3-string Jazz Mandolin Chord Shapes:

  • Are movable, -works for all 12 keys.
  • Are easy for your fingers, -no hard stretches
  • Sound great, -small movements insinuate a world of harmony
  • Are easy to connect in chord sequences
  • Your foundation for chord melody playing
  • Your foundation for playing extended chords  - 9, 11, 13, b5, #5, b9, #9


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