Quickly Spice Up Your Mandolin Playing

With The CROSSPICKING Technique!

Take both your MELODY and RHYTHM playing to the next level.
Even play and make SOLO ARRANGEMENTS for your favorite songs.

How on earth can some players make a single mandolin sound so full and complete?

Maybe you've heard some of the mandolin heroes play a song where they bring out a flood of musical information from the mandolin.
It's almost like hearing melody, chords, and rhythm coming out of the instrument all at once.

I remember hearing my mandolin heroes Mike Marshall and Chris Thile playing beautiful solo arrangements of various songs. 

I felt like they knew a secret, something I wasn't aware of, that made it possible for them to bring out mandolin music, feeling so complete as listening to a piano player.

At the same time, I heard the old school of bluegrass players like Jesse McReynolds and Frank Wakefield play cascades of notes with an amount of energy that I had no clue how to produce.


"Then I realized the players that we're listening to are using the technique we call crosspicking." 


is a fantastic way to bring out the sound of the mandolin in a very full way. 
Rhythmmelodyharmony, and chords. It's all baked into this elegant and sophisticated style. 

That's why we love it so much!

So Let Us Show You How To Do It!

That's precisely why we created the Mandolin Crosspicking Course. 

The Mandolin Crosspicking
Course (Value $297)

Here's how it breaks down:

Quick Start

In the Quick Start section, I will quickly get you going with some crosspicking over three sets of strings. We will start with a pattern that probably feels very familiar to you and then introduce the Down-Down-Up approach, making you play a pattern that is so characteristic of the crosspicking style.  


In the Basics Module, Hayes Griffin defines what crosspicking is, explains some of its history, and shows a few examples of how crosspicking can be applied to the mandolin. In this module, you will build a solid right-hand foundation for crosspicking on the mandolin. We also show you how to use this for familiar chord progressions and tunes in an exciting way.


In the Essentials Module, we're teaching a more advanced crosspicking approach as we're going into complete song arrangements, perpetual chord sequences, crosspicking in rhythm playing, different subdivisions, and so on. 


Throughout the course, we're showing you how to play full crosspicking arrangements of various tunes. In total we included 10 arrangements of 7 tunes. 

What Some of my Successful Students Have to Say

Jim Wrathall, Oregon, USA

Magnus’ focus on establishing a good foundation has done wonders. His methods have opened up the whole fretboard, not just the first 5 frets.

Cindy Forslev, Oregon, USA

I never thought I could play mandolin leads over swing/jazz tunes until I started watching Magnus’s videos. He breaks down these amazing moveable licks and explains how they work.

Mike De Jong, Japan

I love Magus' playing and teaching. He's one of the best on the internet.

Ron Uhle, USA

 "My playing has improved especially with chords, speed and learning the notes on the fretboard…*

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- Magnus Zetterlund

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