Level Up Your Mandolin Playing!

From your home, connect with mandolin players from all over the world for input and inspiration!

Because of QUARANTINE and the current situation, I'm hosting a VIRTUAL hangout.

  • Do you finally got time to play the mandolin and would need some input and inspiration?
  • Do you miss yours in person mandolin lessons?

  • Do you miss the local jam session?
  • Did you just figured out, you can only watch so much Netflix…?


☑️ Use this time of self-quarantine to improve you mandolin playing!


☑️ Keep your focus on something positive that makes you feel good!


☑️ From your home, connect with mandolin players all over the world!

100 % Mandolin - Virtual Hangout

The virtual hangout is an online, LIVE video call, and you can participate with your camera and mic, or watch and interact through the chat box. You decide!










The 3 Blocks of the Hangout

1. Inspirational Workshop/Training

Magnus will lead you through a condensed workshop and live training to boost your inspiration for the coming weeks.

2. Virtual Open Stage

The mic is yours, and we would love to listen! In this Live video call, we can spotlight your video for everyone attending.

  • Play your favorite tune.
  • Tell us a story.
  • Show us your beautiful instrument.

3. Q & A Session with Magnus and David

During the event, you'll have your chance to ask Magnus and David any question you have about mandolin playing personally.

  • Some technique you’re working on?
  • A specific tune you would like to get some input for?
  • Question about equipment and gear?


Special GUEST - David Benedict

Meet contemporary bluegrass mandolin star David Benedict.

  • Listen to extraordinary playing!
  • Ask your questions!

Take the chance to hangout with one of the most brilliant and innovative mandolin players in the world! 

ONLY May 5 2020.

Event Date: Tuesday, May 5 @ 4:30 pm CEST

Event duration: 60-90 minutes

Location: Virtual (private Zoom room)

For privacy reasons and the power of LIVE, there's NO replay available.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for you if…

✔  You finally have time to play the mandolin and needs a bit of inspiration and input.

✔  You would like to be connected with other mandolin players from different parts of the world.

  You are a beginner-, intermediate- or advanced player.

  You use your mandolin for any style of music.

  You are curious to see what this unique event will be like.


This workshop is NOT for you if…

✖  You don't fancy the coolest of instruments; this is 100% mandolin!

  You're just looking for an audience and are not interested in listening to someone else.


Here are some words from online students of Magnus and Mandolin Secrets Academy.

"When I discovered Magnus my mandolin playing really accelerated. His focus on establishing a good foundation has done wonders. "

Jim Wrathall
Oregon, USA

"Since I have joined Mandolin Secrets Academy, my playing has improved especially with chords, speed and learning the notes on the fretboard.(…) I would highly recommend MSA, if you want to learn and/or improve your mandolin playing. "

Ron Uhle

"Since starting with the academy, I have more structure to my practice and have been improving more quickly… I couldn't be happier and my playing sounds better than ever. "

Amy Oliver,

Pricing Options



one time payment

1. Virtual Jam Session

2. Inspirational Workshop

3. Virtual Open Stage

4. Questions & Answers


MSA - Member Discount


one time payment

1. Virtual Jam Session

2. Inspirational Workshop

3. Virtual Open Stage

4. Questions & Answers


Level Up Your Mandolin Playing Today!

✔️ Master the essential techniques!

✔️ Play your favourite songs and tunes!

✔️ Have a practice routine that gets you results!

✔️ Connect with mandolin enthusiasts from all over the world!


Why do you charge $5 for this event?

  1. I want this event to be available for everyone, that’s why I keep the price so low.

  2. My experience is people show up in a better way when they are paying. If it were for free, some people would drop in and out during the session. We will be in a safe and private virtual room, and everyone in the event deserves to have other people's attention.

  3. With a paid event, we will have a little budget for promotion, and if we feel like doing it again(next week) we can make sure the message is reaching far more people. I do believe there is a lot of players who would benefit from an event like this right now. So many of us are in the same situation.


  4. With a small budget, it will be easier to invite some prominent guests to attend. Wouldn't that be cool? :-)

Your Investment is Fully Backed by Our 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE!

When you attend a Mandolin Secrets Workshop or Event, you are fully protected by our 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re confident that our content is valuable for all players, but if for any reason you don’t feel that you’ve received value or if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the content, simply email your request within 14 days to [email protected]. We'll send you a prompt refund.

No Questions Asked!

- Magnus Zetterlund

Your Host & Instructor:

Magnus Zetterlund (b.1980) is an award-winning Swedish musician and teacher. He is one of the prominent mandolin players on the Scandinavian folk scene, collaborating with leading artists in Norway, Finland and Sweden. 

He is a passionate mandolin instructor and, in addition to teaching online, he regularly conducts mandolin workshops in the Nordic countries and occasionally teaches at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and the University of Gothenburg.

The Magnus Zetterlund YouTube channel has been providing weekly inspiration and value to the Mandolin World since late 2017, and his tutorials have more than 300,000 views in less then two years.