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How to Optimize Your PRACTICE Time, without feeling overwhelmed!

VIRTUAL WORKSHOP with Jacob Jolliff

Keys to achieving effortless speed, power, and facility on the mandolin!


How to Play Jazz on the Mandolin, without getting stuck in Theory and Scales!



Quickly, Spice Up Your Mandolin Playing with the CROSSPICKING Technique!

...and more.

Enrollment in the webinars and workshops is now closed.

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What Some of our Successful Students Have to Say

Chris Booth, Somerset, South West England

I have transformed from a below average intermediate player to someone with the musical understanding and tools to become a strong advanced player across.

I feel really confident that I am now becoming the player I knew I could be!

Thanks so much!

Darren Lynch, Ramona, CA

I enjoyed every minute of the online learning process! 

I learned so much more in our six weeks together than I did in 3 years from my lessons at the local music store. 


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Jim Wrathall, Oregon, USA

Magnus’ focus on establishing a good foundation has done wonders. His methods have opened up the whole fretboard, not just the first 5 frets.

Cindy Forslev, Oregon, USA

I never thought I could play mandolin leads over swing/jazz tunes until I started watching Magnus’s videos. He breaks down these amazing moveable licks and explains how they work.

Mike De Jong, Japan

I love Magus' playing and teaching. He's one of the best on the internet.

Ron Uhle, USA

 My playing has improved especially with chords, speed and learning the notes on the fretboard…