Improvise Freely With Up-The-Neck Playing!

Join Us, for The
Mandolin Fretboard Webinar!

Hosted by Magnus Zetterlund


Discover 3 Pro Tips regarding the Mandolin Fretboard that you need to know to take your improvisations to the next level!

When you know how to improvise like the pros you’ll stand out as a front-row player at the jam session without recognizing every tune that pops up!”

The content of this webinar applies to both Jazz and Bluegrass.

During This LIVE Webinar,

You’ll Discover...

The most ESSENTIAL skill for Improvisation

Knowing how to make a single note melody out of a chord structure is the key for making solo lines that stick. This approach applies to jazz, bluegrass and all harmonic improvisation.


How to Outline Chord Changes

Having a solid knowledge of arpeggios and chord tones is the key to outlining a chord change and making solo lines that stick. This foundation is necessary to take your improvising to the next level.



The KEY for Up-The-Neck playing

I’ll show you the two shapes you need to be able to master, for closed position playing. This will simplify your up-the-neck playing by excluding all the random patterns.



“As a bonus, I’ll teach you the ONE thing that helped me to learn the Mandolin Fretboard in half the time!”

This will simplify your up-the-neck playing by excluding all the random patterns.

What Some of my Successful Students Have to Say

Jim Wrathall, Oregon, USA

Magnus’ focus on establishing a good foundation has done wonders. His methods have opened up the whole fretboard, not just the first 5 frets.

Cindy Forslev, Oregon, USA

I never thought I could play mandolin leads over swing/jazz tunes until I started watching Magnus’s videos. He breaks down these amazing moveable licks and explains how they work.

Mike De Jong, Japan

I love Magus' playing and teaching. He's one of the best on the internet.

Ron Uhle, USA

 "My playing has improved especially with chords, speed and learning the notes on the fretboard…*

The Mandolin Fretboard Webinar

Event duration: 70 - 90 minutes

Location: Virtual (private Zoom room)

Time: 7:00 pm CEST (1:00 pm EDT - New York)
There will be a video replay available for everyone registered.










Find Out What You Can Do Right Now to Make Immense Progress in Your Mandolin Playing!

You may feel stuck, or you don’t always get the results you’ve been looking for when playing your mandolin.

That’s exactly why Fretboard knowledge is the greatest KEY to monumental success in your mandolin playing. It’s the secret to boosting your performance expeditiously, overall making you a more confident and wide-ranging musician.

During this webinar, it would be my pleasure to show you how to:

  • Stand out at a jam session as a good player without recognizing every tune that pops up!
  • Level up your improvising skills without getting lost in scales and theory!

Join me in this live Webinar and learn how to Successfully Reach YOUR Mandolin Goals! 


During this Live Webinar...

I will also present my popular Fretboard Success Program

Starting on October 4th, 2021

Fretboard Success,
is my six-week, done-with-you program designed to help you make a quick transition into intermediate and advanced mandolin playing.

If you join us, then you will also hear all about the valuable BONUSES that I'm offering right now.

What the students are saying about Fretboard Success.

Chris Booth, Somerset, South West England

I have transformed from a below average intermediate player to someone with the musical understanding and tools to become a strong advanced player across.

I feel really confident that I am now becoming the player I knew I could be!

Thanks so much!

Darren Lynch, Ramona, CA

I enjoyed every minute of the online learning process! 

I learned so much more in our six weeks together than I did in 3 years from my lessons at the local music store. 


Your  Instructor:

Magnus Zetterlund (b.1980) is an award-winning Swedish musician and teacher. He is one of the prominent mandolin players on the Scandinavian folk scene, collaborating with leading artists in Norway, Finland and Sweden. 

He is a passionate mandolin instructor and, in addition to teaching online, he regularly conducts mandolin workshops in the Nordic countries and occasionally teaches at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

The Mandolin Secrets YouTube channel has been providing weekly inspiration and value to the Mandolin World since late 2017, and his tutorials have now more than 600,000 views.


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