Bluegrass & Newgrass Mandolin Chords // Old Dangerfield

bluegrass mandolin lesson youtube Jan 23, 2024

Get ready to strum, chop, and enhance your mandolin skills with our in-depth lesson on Bluegrass and Newgrass Mandolin Chords, featuring the beloved classic "Old Dangerfield" by Bill Monroe, the father of Bluegrass music. 

ūüé∂ In this tutorial, you'll learn:

  • A variety of essential mandolin chop chords used in Bluegrass.
  • Newgrass chord voicings and rhythm patterns.
  • Tips on strumming and embellishments to add flavor to the different parts of the tunes.
  • Insights into the refined transition from traditional Bluegrass to the innovative sounds of Newgrass rhythm playing. 

Whether you're a seasoned mandolin player or just starting out, mastering these chords will open up a world of possibilities in your Bluegrass and Newgrass repertoire.

I have the excellent Swedish bluegrass guitarist Mikael Grund on my right side.

In Mandolin Secrets Academy you’ll find:

  • Sheet music/tabs (PDF)
  • Backing and play-a-long tracks (MP3)
  • How-to-play-instructions



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