Merry Crosspicking and a Happy New Mandolin Year - Silent Night and Auld Lang Syne

In this video, I play Silent Night and Auld Lang Syne. This is my way of saying thanks for a (weird) but amazing year. Thank you for watching and being a part of the Mandolin Secrets Community!

 For these tunes, in Mandolin Secrets Academy you’ll find:

  • Sheet music/tabs
  • Play-a-long track
  • How-to-play-instructions

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Mandolin Solo - Silent Night - Chord Melody

mandolin solo Dec 17, 2019

Merry mandolin Christmas, from me to you!

Silent Night is a lovely song to play on the mandolin.

Learn how to play this Chord Melody arrangement in Mandolin Secrets Academy from tutorials, standard notation and tabs. There’s also beginner tutorials for melody and 3-chord accompaniment.

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