Waltz of the Dreams - Magnus Zetterlund (Official video)

New single, released August 24th, 2021. This is a Nordic folk, mandolin original called “Waltz of the Dreams” by Magnus Zetterlund. The instruments played are mandolin, octave mandolin, and double bass.

Listen to the tune and add it to your streaming service: http://www.mandolinsecrets.com/waltzofthedreams

 Sheet music, tabs, and instructions for this tune you’ll find in Mandolin Secrets Academy.

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Octave Mandolin Lesson - Chords Accompaniment - Murphy’s Hornpipe - Celtic Traditional

In this video, I show how I play the octave mandolin accompaniment for Murphy’s Hornpipe. It’s a traditional Irish tune I learned 17 years ago but still love to play it.

For this accompaniment, I focus on playing a strong baseline
It suits this tune well with its forward-moving chord changes.

At the end of the video, I show you how to play the accompaniment on standard mandolin, and the chord voicings I prefer for that. 

In Mandolin Secrets Academy you’ll find: 

  • Sheet music/tabs
  • Chord Charts
  • Play-along track

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Mandolin and Nordic Folk Guitar Duet - Traditional Music from Sweden - Polska after Juringius

performance video Apr 11, 2019

Here’s my favorite tune from my e-book "Nordic Folk Mandolin - 10 traditional tunes". 

In this video it´s me, Magnus Zetterlund, performing a Scandinavian traditional polska on mandolin and guitar. This is Polska after Juringius, Sweden. I play a Phoenix Neo Bluegrass mandolin and a Collings OM2H guitar. This is a series of videos that I see as a introduction to Nordic folk music played on mandolin and guitar.

Click here to watch the video.

Check out e-book with Sheet Music and TAB
"Nordic Folk Mandolin - 10 traditional tunes"

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Warm Up - Mandolin Technique Exercise - Lesson with Free Download

In this vlog style mandolin lesson I’m showing you my best warm up exercise for mandolin. The Fast Finger Bounce is great to develop control, precision and speed. 
I take you backstage at a concert with Nordic and Musica Vitae, Växjö January 2019.

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Click Here to download FREE exercise for a Solid Mandolin Technique

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Nordic and Symphonic Orchestra - Sigrid & Småfolket - Folk Music

performance video Mar 14, 2019

Folk music trio Nordic and Norrlandsoperans Symfoniorkester in Umeå, December 2015. Conductor and music arranger: Karl Johan Ankarblom. The music played is ”Sigrid och Småfolket”.

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Swedish Mandolin Mafia - Järna Mandolin Festival 2018 - Rehearsal and Concert

performance video Feb 06, 2019

Here is a video with Swedish Mandolin Mafia playing a traditional Finnish marsch, Peli-­Jussin Syömämarssi. The group is lead by Magnus Zetterlund (Sweden) and Petri Hakala (Finland).

 The video was recorded at outdoor rehearsal and live concert in Järna, Sweden, August 2018.

Video by Sandra Eriksson. https://www.sandraeriksson.nu

This years MANDOLIN festival Brogärde/Järna, Mandolin Festival is happening August 10-11, 2019.

info: [email protected]

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Nordic Folk Mandolin Music - Polka from Värmland

folk performance video Jan 10, 2019

Here is a energetic an easy going dance tune from Sweden.

In this video it´s me, Magnus Zetterlund, performing a Scandinavian traditional polka on mandolin. This is a Polka from Värmland, Sweden. I play a Phoenix Neo Bluegrass mandolin. This is a series of videos that I see as a introduction to Nordic folk music played on mandolin.

Click here to watch video.


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