Classical Mandolin Duet - Melody Lesson - Minuet in G major by J S Bach

In this video lesson, I show you how to play the Minuet in G major (BWV Anh. 114) by Johann Sebastian Bach. It is a delightful tune to play on the mandolin and is a lovely introduction to classical and Baroque music.

Thanks to Academy member Jane Gregory for her contribution and wonderful playing.

Our mandolin arrangement includes a melody part and a harmony part that can be played on both mandolin and octave mandolin.

This piece was originally included in the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach (1725), which JS Bach presented to his second wife. The piece has long been attributed to JS Bach, due to its inclusion in the Notebook, but was actually written for the harpsichord by a contemporary of Bach's, Christian Petzold.

 In Mandolin Secrets Academy you’ll find:

  • Sheet music/tabs (PDF)
  • Play-a-long tracks (MP3)
  • How-to-play-instructions

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