I’ve Found a New Baby - Jazz Mandolin Lesson 

jazz mandolin lesson swing youtube May 21, 2024

Are you looking to build your jazz vocabulary and master the art of jazz improvisation? Look no further!

In this video lesson , I guide you through the jazz standard “I’ve Found a New Baby” written by Jack Palmer & Spencer Williams.

This iconic piece, first released in 1926, has been immortalized by the performances of legendary artists such as Benny Goodman, Charlie Christian, Sidney Bechet, Django Reinhardt, Homer and Jethro (Burns).

Our unique arrangement of this classic tune features an ornamented melody with chord punches and a distinctive backup rhythm on the octave mandolin

We are playing it in the key of Dm (F-major) and using closed-position playing for the entire melody, meaning no open strings. 

This lesson focuses on the single-note melody, which should be the starting point for any soloing or jazz improvisation. 

Embark on a musical journey as you build your jazz vocabulary and add a must-know tune to your repertoire of jazz standards. With each note you play, you're stepping closer to mastering the art of jazz improvisation. 

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