100th Anniversary for Bill Monroes Mandolin // Majblomman

Bill Monroe's Mandolin 100 years // Majblomman (The Mayflower) // Magnus Zetterlund

performance video Jul 08, 2023


It's the 100th Anniversary of Bill Monroe's Gibson F-5 mandolin, signed by Lloyd Loar. 

His instrument, the Gibson F-5 Master model with serial number 73987, was tested and approved on July 9th, 1923. It has become the most famous instrument in country and bluegrass music history. 

I'm celebrating the anniversary with my new mandolin original called Majblomman (The Mayflower) by me, Magnus Zetterlund. It's a lively tune that is fun to play.

My composition is not bluegrass music. However, I feel part of a tradition that returns to Mr. Bill Monroe, Lloyd Loar, and the players and builders before them. 

My new instrument is modeled after the legendary mandolin I just mentioned. I play a Red Diamond mandolin, The Vintage F Model, July 9th voicing, -a fantastic instrument by Mr. Don Macrostie.

I'm grateful to be a part of a long and living tradition of mandolin music. 

Mandolin players and luthiers, congrats on the 100th anniversary of July 9th!

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