Octave Mandolin Lesson - Chords for Årepolskan - Scandinavian Folk Music

In this video lesson, I show you how to play the chords for a traditional Swedish fiddle tune called Årepolskan. This dance tune is a triplet polska from the region of Jämtland.

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The melody is interesting, wandering from G-major to E-minor in a typical way for this tradition. The chords used are G, Em, D, C, and Am. It is a soulful and elegant fiddle tune and the chords ads a pleasant touch to it.

Our arrangement is a three-part arrangement with a melody and harmony part on the mandolin and the chords part on the octave mandolin.

I play the tune with my friend Lena Jonsson, a fantastic fiddle player from Sweden. 

 In Mandolin Secrets Academy you’ll find:

  • Sheet music/tabs (PDF)
  • Backing and play-a-long tracks (MP3)
  • How-to-play-instructions

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