Old Dangerfield // Bluegrass Mandolin Lesson // Melody

bluegrass mandolin lesson youtube Nov 14, 2023

Welcome to this Bluegrass Mandolin Lesson, where we'll dive into the timeless classic "Old Dangerfield" by Bill Monroe. In this video, we'll focus on the melody, breaking it down step by step to help you master this iconic tune.

I've done some deep research, and my version is a compilation of ideas and versions by master players like Darol Anger, Matt Flinner, Jacob Jolliff, and Shawn Lane.

A lot is going on in this fiddle tune with three parts, and in this lesson, you'll learn a detailed breakdown of the melody for the A and the B parts:

  • Detailed breakdown of the melody for the A and B parts.
  • Essential scales for playing Bluegrass mandolin.
  • Adding a bluesy flavor to the melody.
  • Complete play-alongs in various tempos for you to get the timing, phrasing, and ornamentation right.

Whether you're a beginner looking to add a classic Bluegrass tune to your repertoire or an intermediate player wanting to refine your skills, this lesson is designed to help you progress and enjoy the beauty of "Old Dangerfield."

On my right side, I have the excellent Swedish bluegrass guitarist Mikael Grund.

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  • How-to-play-instructions


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