Switching Backup to Melody // Mandolin Technique Lesson 

mandolin lesson youtube Jun 29, 2023

In this mandolin video lesson, I give my best tips and exercises for going from backup to lead, chords to melody. This is an essential skill; we must practice it to be as fluent as we like. 

I’m demonstrating the exercise with the tune Bill Cheatham, but you can use this concept for any music you play. 

A few of my pro tips are: 

Keep the melody in your head all the time. 

- Make TIMING the no1 priority. Accept sloppiness in tone and melodic lines. 

- Play the switching with a tune you know well. Both chords and melody. 

 In Mandolin Secrets Academy you’ll find:

  • Sheet music/tabs
  • Play-a-long tracks (MP3)
  • How-to-play-instructions

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